Sunday, November 15, 2009


Ink burns as I scribe this synopsis
For those who know heartbreak well
Dry eyes run with rage from the outside in
Something unknown to man
Yet familiar to the mind’s eye
Witnessing murders of the soul
Unrelenting and treacherous
Deafening screams of rage from within
Take precedent over raw emotion
Scaling heights unknown
Heights unreachable yet felt deep inside
Amicable fears, tears, and sadness dance beautifully
Onto the stage for all to acknowledge 
Slowly transforming into a swell of bursting flames
Only to die down and become ashes
Rising after moments of realization, anew.
Embracing the Phoenix within you.

1 comment:

  1. Many years ago I was partly paralysed and even my brain was affected. Everyone thought I would never make it back... it was at that time I had a vision of the phoenix rising from within me... I guess many people have similar experiences... it taught me optimism and never to give up and stand for what is right and good...and today I am a much better person thanks to it... and my phoenix too is within me still to help me out when I need....!