Monday, June 7, 2010

The Chained Phoenix

by Feel Good

A smile on the crying face.
My laugh echoes through my empty heart.
All I feel is pain.
All I know is to be alone.

My flesh crawls with imagined touch.
A dream of arms to hold me safe.
Darkness closes all around.
Lost, I cry for help.

No one listens.

Cold and unwanted,
like winters kiss.
I dream of another world
Warmth and love so far away.

Baptised in scarlet rain
Bound by barb-wire rope
This is the fate of pain
A destiny I cannot escape.

This broken shell
Already weak
Held together with hopes and dreams
The cracks expand

A soul in chains
Rotting in a dungeon
A wingless angel
Bereft of hope

The crucified saint
The bleeding child
The living martyr
The forgotten tomb

The bell tolls mournfully
The earthly ravens fly
Shadows and storm clouds,
Darken the sky.

Free the crimson lightning
With the faithful sword
Your screams known to heaven alone
See the angels cry.

The tears burn
Against a heart of stone
This is how it is
When you live a life alone.